Your injury at work took you out of commission, and the costs are growing fast. But you might not have to face them alone since your company likely has a plan in place to handle this situation.

Workers’ compensation claims amount to over $60 billion a year. Medical costs and income benefits make up the sum, split nearly down the middle. Getting the help you need can start with understanding what exactly your company’s plan covers in Tennessee.

Workers’ comp insurance coverage

You could be in line for a range of benefits after an injury at work:

  • Medical costs: Medical costs come quickly when dealing with a serious injury, and workers’ compensation insurance could handle the bulk of those costs. From your ambulance ride and emergency surgeries to recurring visits to the doctor and ongoing treatments, your employer’s policy could lend a lot of help.
  • Wage replacement: Healthcare costs aren’t the only bills eating away at your savings, and your time away from work probably isn’t going to help. Workers’ compensation could help you cover time lost at work, even continuing in a reduced form through a return to part-time employment.
  • Permanent disability: Once your recovery has peaked, you may need to determine if further treatment will help your condition. If your disability is permanent, you might qualify for a continued monetary award. Your chosen doctor or an independent medical examiner will usually determine your impairment rating, which the insurer uses to calculate your ongoing payment.

However your costs are split, make sure you get the assistance you need to get back on your feet. Knowing what workers’ compensation covers in Tennessee can be a solid first step towards the compensation you deserve.